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Join The Strength Cartel

For serious gym goers who want to make consistent strength gains, join a community of like minded lifters, get direction & expert coaching for just over 1€ per day.

Shane's attention to detail is second to none, which is reflected in his coaching & advice, as well as his thorough and easily actionable plans. Without his help and guidance I doubt I'd have managed to add 35kg to my total since my previous comp.

Scott Goggin, U93 M1 Athlete

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Why Join The Cartel?

I’ve been a strength coach for the last 6 years & have coached numerous athletes break through stubborn plateaus in their training. Not only have I helped others achieve exactly what you are after but I am actively involved in competitive powerlifting, adding over 100kg to my total in the last few years while working through my own plateaus but finding the best solutions to overcome them.

I now want to share my strategies & experience with you + as many lifters as possible which is why I created The Cartel so that we can collectively hit PRs & leave stagnation behind for good.

Tell me if this sounds familiar;

You’ve been training for a few years following the same old programme, the classic 5x5, 5/3/1 or just doing 3x10 on every single exercise & while that worked in the beginning, you have now hit a brick wall.

The lack of progress is frustrating you & even getting to the gym seems like a drag just repeating the same programme over & over with nothing to show for it.

You know you should probably make a change but there are so many options you don’t know which to implement & stuck with this indecision is not moving you forward any faster.

That is exactly where joining The Strength Cartel can help.

Across our 12 week strength programme you will have a progressive, sequential training programme.

The programme is designed to help you set PRs on the big 3.

You will also have access to an entire course which will teach you the fundamentals of training, nutrition, recovery &  on how to adapt the programme based on your unique capabilities.

One of the most valuable parts of  The Strength Cartel is our community. Here you can post your PRs, ask questions & interact with a group of like minded lifters all pushing towards their next PR.

I’m confident after joining this programme you will have the tools you need to NEVER plateau again.

And for the low cost of 339€ up front for 3 months or 129€ p/m which is just over 1€ per day, this programme is an absolute steal.

We are only opening up our programme every 12 weeks so if you are sick of banging your head against a barbell, sign up for our next intake below.

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"In my 2 years working with Shane I reached all the goals I set out to achieve with strength and body composition as well as improving my knowledge of exercise and nutrition which increased my own coaching abilities. I discovered powerlifting through Shane and have now competed 3 times, taking 2nd place in my most recent competition."

James McLoughlin, u90 USAPL Ireland

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What Do I Get With The Strength Cartel?

The Strength Cartel is a 12 week strength training programme designed to help lifters hit PRs, join a community of like minded strength enthusiasts & learn how to individualise their training so they never plateau again.

To join this programme, you need to be able to commit to at least 3-4 days of training a week & be able to perform barbell based movements. 

Aside from that you must be willing to work hard, log your training & interact with other lifters in our community. We are all here to help & support each other, our community is what makes this programme unique vs a generic training template you download off the internet.

And one of the biggest differences between this & other programmes is the education. The Strength Cartel course is honestly some of my best work & I've distilled all my years of experience & education into over 20 lessons teaching you everything you need to know about getting stronger.

When you sign up the group you will receive

  • Training programme rolled out every 4 weeks with both 3 & 4 day training options

  • Access to our private community group where you can post your training, questions & engage with others

  • Enrolment into The Strength Cartel course

  • Guidance on structuring your nutrition & recovery for success

  • Access to our performance & volume tracker

  • Monthly Group Call + Q&A

My mission is to create a group of strong, educated & forward thinking lifters by the end of the 12 weeks who will have the tools needed to progress their training for life.

Shane has been a great mentor and a pleasure to work with and someone who I would recommend to anyone.
In 16 months working with him I've gained muscle, cut weight easily for competitions, go shredded for a photoshoot & gained a whole new outlook on nutrition from taking on all his advice.

Noel Whelan, U74 M1, No. 4 biggest total in the world

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Meet Your Coach

I am Shane, the owner of Storey Strength Coaching & Head Coach of The Strength Cartel, certified personal trainer & nutritionist. 

I have been working in the coaching industry since 2018 working with the average gym goer to powerlifters to aspiring bodybuilders to improve their body composition, get stronger, become better athletes & master their nutrition + mindset.

Personally, I'm a competitive natural bodybuilder + drug tested powerlifter having competed in 6 shows (2x National Titles) + 8 meets (737.5 total, 462 DOTS)  to date so I understand what it takes to reach your goals, I’ve experience your struggles & know your needs.

One of the biggest challenges I had starting out was knowing where to source good information, what was the best programme to follow, how long to follow it, how to structure nutrition - you name it I was asking it!

When I started there was such a lack of good information online vs now there is almost too much that it can be hard to distill down to what matters.

Luckily for you & my clients, I’ve made the mistakes so you don't have to, I’ve done the research, spent the thousands of hours & euros on courses to ensure I know how to get to the root of what really matters for you to achieve your goals.

To teach my clients, I draw on these years of experience, continuing education & research to get them their best results.

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Qualifications & Courses Completed To Date

- EQF LVL 4 Personal Trainer (NCT Ireland) 

- Precision Nutrition 1 

- Mac Nutrition Uni w/ Full Honors - Distinction 

- USAPL Powerlifting Coach Certification 

- JPS Education Powerlifting Fundamentals 

- RTS Emerging Strategies 

- J3U - Advanced Physique Development 

- Pre-Script Level 1 & Pre-Script Barbell Certificate

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Q. How does the group programme work?


It all starts with the applying which you can do through one of the many buttons on this page! After that you will be taken straight to an application form where you can submit your details, training history & exactly what you want to achieve from our programme.


Once you have submitted your form, if your application aligns with our programme’s mission, you’ll be added to the next enrolment for the programme which will occur every 3 months (4 intakes a year).


The week before the programme starts you will be added to our community group which will have a short course ready for you to take which will help you implement the programme for best results & allow you to modify it if necessary.


The same week you will be invited to a group onboarding call where head coach Shane will discuss exactly what the first phase of training will entail & answer any initial questions before the first block is uploaded.

You’ll have access to the programme (a google sheets file) through the group where you can make your own copy so that you can track your training progression & utilise our performance tracker.


Once the programme is under way you can use the community group to submit training footage for review & feedback as well as ask any questions you have through the process.


Each month then you will have a new training programme to build on from the last which we will regroup in a call explaining the programme & discuss any issues you have been having so that we can progress into the next cycle.


Q. How long will the training sessions take?


I’d recommend setting 1hr aside at least 3-4x a week depending on how many days you can commit to. There will be different options for how many additional exercises you stack on top of the core SBD movements which is completely dependent on what your time availability to train is.


Q. Do I need any special equipment to do this programme & will I be able to perform it in any gym?


You don’t need anything other than yourself, a willingness to work hard & engage with the process. However I will provide a list of recommended equipment eg knee sleeves, belts etc if you do wish to purchase them. They may help but are by no means necessary.


Once your gym has a barbell, squat rack, bench press & somewhere to deadlift you have the raw materials to get the most out of this programme. Accessory based movements will be self selected based off what your gym has available.


Q. Does this programme include check ins?


This programme will not have any formal 1-1 check ins as it is a group based programme however there will be follow ups from Coach Shane in the group to any questions & training footage in the community group.


Q. What happens if I miss the monthly group calls?

Our group calls will be recorded so that you can rewatch & refer back to, There will likely be heaps of great information here too so even if you are in attendance they will be useful to come back to & take notes.


Q. What happens if I miss a week of the programme?


While we will aim to complete the training cycles together, sometimes life will get in the way & disrupt our training. In the event that you miss a week of training, I’d recommend repeating the missed week vs skip it just to get on the timeline as the rest of the group. This is to ensure each week is building on the next vs having too large a jump in training intensity week to week.


Q. How long is it before I will see results?


You should set PRs in the very first block & they will only keep coming as the programme evolves.

As a bonus, if you follow the nutrition guidance which will be in one of your course videos you will almost certainly see your performance increase but also noticeable increase in muscle through the programme.


Q. Do you have a minimum commitment?

This programme is designed to get the most out of you across 12 weeks & so that is how long I expect you to commit for. Really, if you are not willing to give your own goals 12 weeks of focus, you are not that serious about them.

Month 1 is you will be finding your feet in the training programme & building a solid base for strength.

Month 2 you’ll have any of the teething issues of the programme long gone & will have an opportunity to start loading some seriously heavy weights.

Month 3 will be our test month where we start to edge you closer to a big PB in the 1-3RM range.


Q. How are payments taken?


Payments will be either collected monthly or in 1 up front payment through Stripe.


Q. Who do you coach?


I coach the serious trainee who wants to take their strength and/or physique to the next level. Whether you are competing or not, to me you are an athlete & I will push you to the best of your abilities to unlock that next level. 

For my full 1-1 coaching, a minimum of 12 months consistent training experience is recommended. 


If you are looking to compete in bodybuilding, I expect at least 6 months of working together in an off season before a prep unless you are already a seasoned athlete.


My nutrition coaching is specifically for competitive athletes in powerlifting.


If you are ever considering 1-1 coaching in the future this group programme is a great taster!!

Q. How much does it cost?


You have 2 payment options

  • 129€ per month

  • 339€ for 12 weeks - save over 10%

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