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You are one of the action takers who is on their way to achieving great things.


You have just taken the first step towards changing your health, physique & lifestyle for the better. The road to reaching your potential is going to become a lot clearer, less frustrating & permanent.

To make sure we get the most of our call, make sure you do the following 3 steps:

1. Block out the call in your diary

So you don’t miss our call, ensure you have scheduled it in & set a reminder to cue you 30mins beforehand.

2. Find a quiet place

Make sure you are free from distractions & other tasks. We will be covering where you are right now with training, nutrition etc, where you want to be & how to get there, in an in depth discussion so your full attention is key for getting the most of the call.

3. Come with questions

This call is all about you & therefore I want you to come with questions related to your goals. The more question you have for me, the more clarity you will have leaving the call. Make sure you bring a pen & paper to take notes throughout.


I Can’t Recommend Shane Enough
He has helped me reach points in the gym that I never even dreamed of making a goal while always being so encouraging and supportive. I've been going to the gym for years but it’s only since I started training with Shane that I've seen results. I've trained with him for 4 months and now I’m going to switch to online training as he has given my the confidence and knowledge I need to do it in the gym myself.



Your goals & background

We’ll take a look into your current training and nutrition approach, get a general overview of your lifestyle. and prior experience. We’ll review what’s working well for you right now and what maybe isn’t. From there we’ll discuss exactly where you want to be 3 months, 6 months and 12 months from now.

Solutions to your problems

Once I have a better understanding of where you’re at and what you’re currently doing, I’ll talk you through the biggest changes  you could make straight away to accelerate your results (in the short term) and map out a plan to get you to where you want to be (in the long term).

How my online coaching works

By the end of the call you’ll have a clear direction and know exactly what you need to focus on. At this stage, if we both agree we’d be a good match and you like sound of what I have planned, I’ll talk you through how the coaching system works and the next steps to get you started.


Simply The Best
When I contacted Shane i had a clear goal, build muscle and get stronger. The program that Shane tailor-made for me is phenomenal, it's not a simple training plan, it's a guide to success. When i started i would have never imagined to achieve such amazing results so quickly, i had to simply follow his advises and put in the dedication. In the gym he's very technical, he'll teach you how to execute even the most complex exercises and will push you over your limit. He's a real fitness guru, there was not a single question that Shane did not answer, from diet, supplements, training equipment and techniques, to lifestyle in general. Shane managed to improve my lifestyle in a drastic way, so if you want results, Shane is your man!



How long before I start to see results?

If you follow the plan I outline, check-in every week and perform the tasks I set you, you should begin to see results within the first 1-2 months. As always, your results reflect the time and effort you’re willing to invest.  

Also note, this is not a ‘quick-fix’, 8 week diet plan. Whilst the goal is to get you the best results in the most efficient time possible, we’ll also be focusing a lot on education and habit formation. The mission with all of my clients is to get ‘sustainable’ results and teach people how to continue to make progress long after our coaching has ended.

Will I receive a ‘fixed’ meal plan or macros?

This depends entirely on who i’m working with, their level of experience when they come to me and their individual preferences.

I typically recommend most beginners start out with a ‘flexible’ meal plan template and more help deciding specifically what to eat. But more advanced individuals can diet successfully ‘eating by numbers’ and choosing foods on a day-to-day basis.

Just to be clear - I don’t believe in handing out daily menu’s for clients to follow blindly. Instead, I’ll give you the tools and knowledge to be able to build your own meal plan and the ability to decide for yourself which foods are a good fit.

How much is the coaching?

I’ll run you through my coaching packages and pricing during our call, but to give you a general idea, its around the same price a week as what you’d pay an in-house personal trainer for a single session. 

The only difference is, when you leave the gym, your coaching doesn’t end there. 

You’ll get a complete nutrition plan, access to educational videos & exercise library, your own training program that you can access on your phone, Whatsapp support, weekly check ins and access to our private coaching group.

How do payments work?

All of my clients pay via recurring monthly subscription . I use Stripe to handle payments. Its quick and easy to set-up, widely recognised and secure

The payments then simply roll from month-to-month, whenever you wish to end your coaching term, you can cancel at any time.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Although there is no long-term financial tie-in, I do require a minimum commitment of 3 months upfront before we start working together.  If we’re both serious about getting results, improving habits and developing  knowledge along the way, anything under 12 weeks is just not going to be effective.

Month 1 is very much just getting you up to speed with your training/nutrition plan, learning how to track data and developing a good line of communication

Month 2 I’ll have a better understanding of your individual needs, you’ll be gaining consistency with your plan and starting to see evident changes

Month 3 you’ll be gaining real momentum and the results will be coming in fast.


Results driven, highly educational & relatable
The high degree of accountability, the personal touch, an approach backed by science, he practices what he preaches & enables you to grow. Coaching with Shane has changed my life.



Lets make this the last time you ever need to hire a coach

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